Hearthstone Mercenaries is a game mode in Hearthstone where players collect iconic Warcraft characters to use in RPG battles. I started off working on the game through PvE balancing, but quickly began to take on many different kinds of Game Design tasks. I created several playable character's kits, designed bosses and ecology units, wrote voice lines and art descriptions, created achievements, and even headed multiple PvP balance patches.

Mercenary Design

I created the gameplay kits of many iconic Warcraft characters alongside some original ones. I created the paper designs for them, implemented their prototypes, ran playtests, hooked up their art assests, created surrounding features like quest chains, bug fixed any issues, and saw them ship. Post launch, I organized multiple PvP balance patches to react to live game balance statistics.
Mercenaries each had 3 main abilities which all had to interact with eachother in interesting ways alongside being fun to use in both PvE and PvP scenarios. Mercenaries all came with 3 pieces of equipment that would change how their gameplay functioned depending on which one was equipped. Creaiting equipments with wildly different usecases allowed for a interesting diversity of compositions to be run in both PvE and PvP matches.

PvE Design

I created about half of the total bosses available in the Mercenary's PvE gamemode. These bosses aimed to be a mix of a traditional boss fight and a puzzle. Most bosses had a "solution" in mind that was one or two abilities designed to counter the boss, but were flexible enough to be beaten with creative or powerful character compositions. This let the bosses be engaging on a single playthrough to find the intended solution, replayable to attempt more challenge runs with unique compositions, or endlessly grindable with powerful ones.
I designed many ecology units which players had to fight before the final bosses. These enemies were reflective of the boss's challenge, but were meant to not be too draining. They kept the players engaged with the missions without overwhelming them.
Players also collected usuable treasures in the PvE mode which supplemented their kits with extra active abilities and passive effects. My treasures tended to create fun mini-strategies that were emergent depending on which characters they landed on.

Narrative Design

I co-wrote one of the campaigns for the Mercenaries mode. This involved bringing players along a quest that explained the bosses they'd fight while progressing the overall narrative of the mode. I also wrote the voicelines for many of the boss fights I designed. I implemented dynamic voicelines into some fights that reacted to the player's actions. For several characters, I wrote both the quest voice lines and their in-combat voice lines. These questlines guided players on a mini-narrative arc while assigning them tasks to do. Their in-combat voice lines would occur when the characters entered play, attacked, or died.
I also wrote many art descriptions for characters. I worked with the artists to provide feedback and adapt the ideas into finish pieces of art. I also worked on supplying the art descriptions for the abilities the characters used.