Overwatch 2 is a competitive, First-Person Shooter where I served as an Associate Hero Designer. I worked on many prototypes for playable characters and abilities. I also helped finalize development on many heroes in production through adding custom control settings, stat tracking, achievements, unlock challenges, custom game modifiers, and final bug fixing. I provided broad support to other disciplines, such as Event Design and System Design, both when it related to heroes and also more generally.
When making prototypes for new characters, I implemented new primary weapons and potentially secondary weapons. These weapons would be supplemented with 2-3 abilities, a passive, and an ultimate ability. I would explore unique weapon types and gameplay mechanics. I ran playtest for prototypes and iterated through various weapons and abilities based on player feedback.

Pharah Rework

I was the designer assigned to the rework of the character Pharah, which released in Season 9. The rework gave her a new ability and significantly changed her gameplay loop. I worked with animators, UI designers, QA, and more to fully realize her new gameplay kit. I helped solve core design flaws with the character, and I made her significantly more fun to play with and against.

April Fools

For April Fools in 2024, we released a game mode where every single character had a gameplay change to them. I designed and implemented every single one of them. This involved programming the changes , creating new VFXs, running playtests, and iterating through feedback. This mode was incredibly well received by players, and significantly increased player win-back and retention.

Quality of Life Improvements

I worked on many features for the game, centering around playable heroes, that directly sought to better the overall game experience with an added focus on Console players. I creating new and reworked the existing controller vibrations for over 100 different abilities alongside making custom adjustment settings for players to tune the rumble exactly how they enjoy. I implemented control input settings which improved Accessibility and the general play experience. I implemented settings to customize the UI to help with visibility, and provided new reticle designs to expand the customizable reticle feature.


I created the environmental hazards in the Starwatch event mode. I provided polish, made bespoke iterations on a per character basis, tuned physics, and more. I solved core gameplay and balance issues.